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    Activity Provided By:

    Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, Inc.

    Blended Introduction to Abdominal and Primary Care Ultrasound

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    Overview / Abstract:

    Increase participant’s knowledge to better perform and/or interpret abdominal ultrasound examinations.
    Demonstrate proper transducer manipulation and system optimization to produce diagnostic images.
    Perform scan protocols and routine measurements that are utilized during an abdominal ultrasound evaluation.
    Identify normal/abnormal imaging characteristics of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys and abdominal vasculature.
    Differentiate normal/abnormal characteristics for the evaluation of the thyroid, testes/scrotum, and appendix.

    Imaging Fundamentals
    Abdominal Anatomy/Scan Techniques
    Abdominal Aorta
    Liver Sonography & Pathology
    Gallbladder & Biliary Tree Sonography & Pathology
    Spleen, Pancreas, and Renal
    Scrotal / Testicular
    Evaluation of the Appendix & GI Tract
    EFAST Exam, Soft Tissue & MSK Applications
    Interactive Case Studies


    Mar 26, 2020


    Education (Higher Ed) , EMS / EMT / Paramedic CE, Nurse Practitioner , Nursing CNE, Physician CME, Physician Assistant CME, Radiology / RAD Tech CE


    Live / Seminar, Online, Workbook



    Credits / Hours

    23.25 AMA RPA Category 1 Credits



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    Keywords / Search Terms

    Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, Inc. Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute, Inc. cme, gulfcoast, ultrasound, education, sonography, Seminar CE CME Live CE CME Seminar CE CME

    LIVE Activity Location Details


    Gulfcoast Ultrasound Institute
    111 2nd Ave. NE, Suite 800
    St. Petersburg, FL   33701
    United States of America

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