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    Human Capital Management

    This course prepares students to address the concepts of personnel development as managers. Students learn criteria for developing effective job analysis, appraisal systems, and appropriate career development plans for employees. Other topics include personnel selection, employee compensation, benefits, training, workplace diversity, discipline, employee rights, unions, and management behaviors. This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of...
    University of Phoenix

    Essentials Of Human Resource Management

    Becoming an Human Resource (HR) professional requires a working knowledge of the six key management practices of HR. Learners will explore the SHRM Essentials of HR Management through case study, research and evaluation, leaving the classroom with the ability to apply the critical knowledge and skills required to handle challenging HR issues and minimize organization risk. Compensation and Benefits & Employee Development Explain the components of a total reward system. Explain the proce...
    University of Phoenix

    Benefit Plan Fundamentals

    Offering employee benefits is critical in today's economy and workforce as they often create a competitive edge for the employer. Human resource professionals must understand the importance of employee benefits and how they impact the organization. In this course, students will understand growth of employee benefits, identify legislation surrounding benefits and differentiate what is mandatory and voluntary on behalf of the employer and the employee. This course provides .5 continuing educatio...
    University of Phoenix

    Keys To Developing A Wellness Program

    Organizations experience illness related costs in the billions each year. Workplace wellness programs are an essential part of any organization's strategy for maintaining a healthy and productive workplace environment. One responsibility of human resources is to execute and promote health and wellness to employees. Students will explore the importance of workplace wellness programs, identify policies and programs that promote workplace productivity and understand critical elements required for...
    University of Phoenix

    Evaluating And Developing Compensation Plans

    Compensation is a key component of an organization's total rewards strategy. Human resource professionals must possess the skills to evaluate and develop compensation plans. In this course, students will identify important components of compensation and benefits, analyze federal laws and regulations related to compensation, differentiate between mandatory and voluntary compensation and benefits, and assess how needs assessment and strategies relate to compensation plans. This course provides 0...
    University of Phoenix

    Differentiating Fmla And Ada

    Leaves of absence for employees are determined by an organizations compliance with the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As a human resource professional, understanding an employer's obligations under these laws is important to decreasing exposure to liability. In this course, students will identify the differences and similarities between FMLA and ADA and examine employer obligations. This course provides .5 continuing education units, in one -...
    University of Phoenix

    Labor Relations And Unions

    As a human resource professional it is imperative to understand: collective bargaining agreements, unionization processes, and the rights and responsibilities of employees, management and unions regarding federal labor relation laws and processes. In this course, students will examine the unionization process, identify unfair labor practices and identify collective bargaining processes in order to create equitable workplace environments. This course provides .5 continuing education units, over...
    University of Phoenix

    Supporting Diversity

    Possessing multicultural competence and advocation is necessary in today's diverse workforce and multicultural environments. Human resource professionals are accountable to the development and success of diversity within an organization. In this course, students will identify how to accommodate diverse employee populations in accordance with legislation, extend personal styles to include a variety of perspectives and represent multicultural awareness on behalf of the organization and it's empl...
    University of Phoenix

    Hr Business Partners Within An Organization

    The role of the Human Resource (HR) professional has shifted from being transactional to transformational. HR professionals partner with the business to develop, improve, and carry out the strategic goals of the organization. Learners will review the HR Business Partner (HRBP) role as it relates to an organization's goals and initiatives and identify business environment and trends to propose and support strategic initiatives. This course provides .5 continuing education units, over one 5-hour...
    University of Phoenix

    Human Resource Analytics

    Metrics, balanced scorecards, analytics and other data driven decision-making tools are standard operational tools used in business today. This course will delve into methods that capture and store a variety of data and explain how human resource professionals have the ability to use data to predict and potentially prevent problematic situations. Students will learn how to assign metrics to strategic initiatives, while adding value to human resource systems. This course provides .5 continuing ...
    University of Phoenix

    Complexities Of Employment Law And Relations

    Human resource professionals are responsible for understanding and applying employment law regulations within an ogranization resulting in positive employee and employer relations. This course explores federal laws and regulations that impact employee and labor relations in the workplace. Students will identify employement legistlation as it relates to: employee and employer relations, the development of organizational programs and procedures, its impact on performance management and disciplin...
    University of Phoenix

    Employee Motivation And Engagement

    A motivated and engaged employee paves the way to successful business results and saves an organization time and money. Human resource professionals align, develop, and execute employee engagement plans that drive organizational success. In this course, students will understand how to engage employees, link employee engagement to organizational goals, and execute strategy to maintain an engaged workforce. This course provides .5 continuing education units, over one 5-hour workshop. The tuition...
    University of Phoenix

    Talent Acquisition And Retention

    Talent acquisition and retention impacts all aspects of the workplace and everyone has a role to fulfill to ensure an organization runs smoothly and is successful. As critical responsibilities of human resource professionals, it is imperative to understand how to recruit, retain and align talent with an organization's strategy. In this course, students will identify innovative recruiting strategies, understand strategies that increase retention, and understand aligning of recruiting practices ...
    University of Phoenix

    Preventing Violence In The Workplace

    Workplace violence costs U.S. businesses and organizations billons each year. Human Resource professionals have the challenge of preventing, educating, and documenting workplace violence to ensure proper strategies are in effect so employees are safe. In this course, students will review the definition of workplace violence, identify workplace prevention strategies, and effective anti-violence practices for organizations. This course provides .5 continuing education units, over one 5 - hour wo...
    University of Phoenix

    Social Media Strategies And Policy

    Social media empowers people to connect, personalize, and influence communities, consumers, colleagues, employees, and organizations; all by way of electronic communication. While there are benefits with the use of social media, there are also risks. Human resource professionals must understand, manage usage and execute the strategies of all forms of social media. In this course students will learn the uses of social media in relationship to organizational objectives, performance results, poli...
    University of Phoenix

    The Role Of The Strategic Hr Professional

    The Role of the Strategic Human Resource (HR) Professional course provides a comprehensive overview of the current HR landscape. In this course, students will review the vital contributions, roles, behaviors, and strategic functions HR professionals play in the development, implementation and execution of organization wide objectives. Through this examination, students will develop an understanding of HR, its impact on the business environment and how HR professionals contribute to the organiz...
    University of Phoenix

    Human Resources Leadership And Management

    This course focuses on the responsibilities involved in human resources administration in education. Methods of recruitment, selection, induction, development, compensation, and appraisal are examined. In addition, the course analyzes strategic planning, employment continuity, employment justice including laws, policies and procedures, and unionism. This graduate-level course is 6 weeks. This course is available to take individually or as part of a degree or certificate program. To enroll, sp...
    University of Phoenix

    Strategic Human Resource Managment (HRCI: SPHR-aligned)

    One of the key roles of senior HR professionals is to align activities in the HR function with the organization's strategic goals. Senior HR professionals are often directly involved with the corporate restructuring activities resulting from organizational changes and initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, offshoring, outsourcing, and divestiture. Managing third-party contracting and technology and measuring strategic performance, specifically of the HR function, are some other key cont...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Risk Management (HRCI: PHR/SPHR aligned)

    This course examines various steps in the risk management process and risk management strategies in terms of business continuity planning and liability insurance. The course also discusses arguably the most important employee health and safety regulation for HR professionals, the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The course also presents some other key regulations that HR professionals should be aware of for managing organizational risks and avoiding any noncompliance risks. This course expl...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Employee and Labor Relations (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

    This course focuses on the federal laws and regulations that affect employee and labor relations. It discusses individual employment rights, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint process, and the role HR plays in the employment litigation process. The course also identifies strategies for facilitating positive employee relations and employee involvement in an organization. Finally, the course outlines methods for evaluating employee relations and the effectiveness of emp...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Compensation and Benefits (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

    This course examines compensation and benefits programs and their importance and impact on organizational objectives. It provides instruction on the applicable federal laws and regulations related to compensation and benefits programs as well as applicable tax regulations. This course also provides instruction on how to budget and account for compensation and benefits programs. Instruction is also provided on common compensation and benefits strategies and how to perform compensation and benef...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Human Rsource Development (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

    This course examines Human Resource Development (HRD) and Organizational Development (OD) activities and initiatives. This course also examines OD theories and applications and provides direction to HR professionals on how to approach OD initiatives to ensure they support organizational objectives. This course examines human resources development theories and activities, used to help increase individual and organizational effectiveness. Instruction on training facilitation techniques, instruct...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Workforce Planning and Employment (HRCI: PHR/SPHR-aligned)

    This course examines employment legislation and regulations regarding strategic workforce planning. The course covers the need for HR professionals to link workforce requirements to an organization's short-term and long-term objectives - for example, how employees contribute to these objectives. This course also discusses the importance, and use, of workforce planning metrics such as turnover and recruitment statistics. This course focuses on job analysis and recruitment strategies. This cours...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Business Management and Strategy (HRCI: PHR/SPHR aligned)

    This course examines many of the elements of an organization's corporate strategy, the role of the HR function in the strategic planning process, and the key elements in corporate governance. The course focuses on the vital contributions HR professionals often make in the development and organization-wide communication of the mission, vision, values, strategic goals, and objectives. The course will also look at current business and regulatory environments, and how a working knowledge of those ...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Human Resources Core Knowledge (HRCI: PHR-SPHR-aligned)

    This course examines key skills required in human resource professionals, including the ability to lead and motivate others. Human resources concepts and applications are also examined, as well as ethics and professional standards that every organization should follow. This course also provides insight into how to perform environmental scans, and discusses organizational structures as well as change management. This course examines personnel and administrative functions such as organizational ...
    University of New Mexico Continuing Education

    Hotel and Restaurant Management Career Prep

    Hotel and Restaurant Management is one of the largest growing career fields, and it offers diverse employment opportunities. This course is intended to prepare students to enter the field of Hotel and Restaurant Management. Using a variety of learning activities and instructional methods, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of all aspects of hotel and restaurant management. Students will learn about front office duties, housekeeping and maintenance, food service, storage and pl...
    Bronx Community College

    Human Resources Management Certificate

    This certificate program provides you福彩app是正规的吗 with up-to-date information and important skills needed to succeed today in the HR field. It offers a comprehensive overview of HR issues affecting the workplace including legal aspects, recruitment, retention, performance, labor relations, workers’ compensation and how to use HR technology systems to manage information most efficiently.
    California State University San Bernardino

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